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What I Can Do For You

Errands Service Paisley

My Name is Michelle McInnes and as a self-confessed shopaholic, I am excited to offer you my errand service. You may be saying what is an errand service? Why would I need one? Let me give you some examples. 


You have a newborn baby and forgot the nappies. forgot that all important present. need to pick up that all important parcel. want food shopping from your local shops or supermarkets that don't deliver like Waitrose or Marks & Spencers. need your daily/weekly shopping handpicked for freshness and to get the best expiry dates through to doing your house cleaning. 


I can do this and much more for you. Just get in touch with any enquiry you have and I will be happy to assist.


For many people who may struggle to get out and about (especially during the cold winter months) I can arrange to call in, pick up your shopping list and go and collect your shopping for you or maybe you would just like somebody to accompany you shopping for that all important gift as you may be a little nervous to go on your own.

We can all buy shopping online and hope whoever picks your order picks the nicest produce. I can provide that personal service where I can handpick the best dates, the best freshest produce on your behalf as if you were there yourself.  Give me a call or email your details and I will be glad to help.

Domestic House Cleaning

Working and need a bit of support, unwell, recuperating, exhausted or just overwhelmed we can help clean with you side by side or on our own for all your house cleaning for a general daily clean to a weekly family clean, room to room, top to bottom wet and dry dusting, vacuuming, polishing, cleaning, stripping down bedding and remaking beds, changing summer and winter quilts, washing the dishes, hanging out the washing to ironing and folding. Gives us a call today and arrange your free consultation.

Companionship for the elderly

Especially used by clients who do not have any close relatives or they do not have friends or relatives living close by.

Sometimes our elderly just require some company occasionally, somebody to call in, check they are ok, perhaps sort their mail, or just make a cup of tea and have a chat. This service can be very reassuring for both client and relative of a client. Both client and relative can relax in the knowledge that somebody is calling in to check all is well and also alleviate any loneliness that some elderly people experience from time to time.

House Sitting

Going on holiday? nothing worse than that worry about have I left the gas on or did I lock the back door. We can look after your house for you. We will air your house, open and draw the curtains, move the mail, water the plants, feed the fish and we will stock your fridge and have your house clean for your return. 

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